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Why choose brinks real estate?

We don’t believe that there is any other broker offering such a simple and low-cost structure, while giving you all the tools necessary to be successful.



Training Provided

Interact with Live trainers on weekly webinars and keep up to date on trending technology.
  • conquer new lead follow up
  • lead generation & Marketing
  • facebook & google advertising
  • partnering with lenders
  • social media marketing


True 100% Commission

Our firm receives $399/transaction...that's it. No mystery fee's, no surprises, no nada.
  • keep 100% of your commission
  • No Annual fee's
  • no desk fee's
  • no caps
  • no excuse to wait


21st Century Technology

We shoulder most of the cost of industry leading technology, giving you the tools to succeed.
  • customizable idx website
  • fully robust smart crm
  • prebuilt text/email campaigns
  • hands-free socail media posting
  • lead Behavioral automation

Continuing education

Continuing your real estate education is about far more than just maintaining your license. While it’s tempting to take the continuing education classes that are least painful, think of it as an opportunity to expand your skill set as a real estate agent. With more than two million people with active real estate licenses in the United States, you want to set yourself apart as knowledgeable and professional. That means bringing a well-rounded set of skills including pre-licensing or post-licensing to the table to best serve your clients’ needs.

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What our Agents are saying...


December 16, 2019
They are a great team. Loving every second of it!


July 15, 2019
“I’ve found that most brokers come with complicated fee structures that include several tears of compensation, profit sharing, stock awards, franchise fees, and capping. Sometimes simpler is better, while other brokers hype their profit sharing, d...


November 21, 2019
“Working for Brinks Real Estate is a brokerage that is a great fit for what I need as an agent. First, they invest heavily in industry-leading technology. First, it allows communicating with potential clients exactly at the moment it matters. No n...

Our Commitment

Never be without a buyer again. Brinks Real Estate Development, LLC is one of the largest home buyers in the Tampa Bay area. We aren’t here just to collect a portion of your commission; we actually like to partner with our agents on projects (must meet some liquidity minimums). Or just put your negotiating skills to work knowing that you have a partner who’s ready, and able, to buy your next deal.

We stand behind our community and strive to have a positive impact through any community we serve. If you have an idea about how we can have a positive impact on a community and spread our good will, we’d love to hear from our agents.

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